Day 2 – Merchant Taylor 

24th February, Yesterday we are taking a tour at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall to learn more about the history of tailoring in London and the history behind the archives.

Breakfast Room

Later on in the day we went to five different tailor companies and talked to cutters, tailors, sales people etc to ask questions about the industry.

Dashing Tweeds stood out because of their fabric choices, using a modern tweed to do a suit opposed to using the more traditional fabrics.


Meyer & Mortimer was far more traditional compared to Dashing Tweeds however it was interesting to see the differences.

When visiting Anderson & Sheppard we spoke to a cutter how made sure to emphasise how important professionalism is and to remain calm through all that you do.

Kathryn Sargent is the first female head cutter known to Savile Row, she owns a really small tailoring studio in Brook Street. She builds great relationships with her clients to make them feel comfortable so she decided to make her studio look like a hotel suite.

Kathryn Sargent

Staff working on garments

Kathryn Sargent’s studio

Chittleborough & Morgan

Last and certainly not least is the wonderful Chittleborough & Morgan, Joseph Morgan is really into styling suits mostly with quirky accessories, He’s very much into modern styling rather than taking the traditional route.

Joseph Morgan

He let our students try out some suits. He talked about how tailored suits changes the way the body looks.

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