Day 6 Interviews at Anderson & Sheppard, Dashing Tweed and Gareth Crowe (Fabric Dealer)

Yesterday was a day of full interviews! First stop Anderson and Sheppard

Anderson and Shepperd

Anderson and Sheppard

When talking to the workers at Anderson and Sheppard everyone seemed to get along well, it was a very friendly environment but you could sense the competition amongst the workers, however everyone seems to be very loyal to the company’s heritage. The full interview will go up on

BTS at Anderson and Shepperd

BTS at Anderson and Sheppard

Next we went to interview Guy Hills owner and founder of Dashing Tweeds.

Guy Hills and KCC students

Guy Hills and KCC students

Interviewing Guy Hills was refreshing because so far the interviews have been about the history of Savile Row and how it was like being a tailor in Savile Row in the 1960s however Dashing Tweeds started in 2008 and hearing Guy Hills story on how he got into the industry clearly represents the future and where the trade is going as far as technology is concerned. His interview will also be up shortly.

Last but not least for the day we interviewed the very witty and vibrant character Gareth Crowe, now a fabric dealer.

Gareth Crowe

Gareth Crowe

Listening to Gareth Crowe talk about the trade and how the industry was back in the day was very insightful and gave you a glimpse into a world that was and still is in some cases very difficult to get into and hearing his story of different people that he worked with is something that kept us all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear more.

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