Interview – Anderson & Sheppard

We interviewed four workers at Anderson & Sheppard, the first is Leon Powell who is a cutter at Anderson & Sheppard who is a very professional and loyal to his company. He had some very interesting things to say, it’s a definite MUST listen!!!

When meeting him he was incredibly passionate about the trade that he is in and you can most certainly hear that in the interview.


We also interviewed Rosemary Bolger who is a waistcoat maker at Anderson & Sheppard who has a interesting start to the industry! Take a listen!


Our third interview was with Derrick Tomlinson who is a coat maker and the job happens to run in the family.


Last but not least was the fourth interview that we did with Michael Arter who is a trouser maker at Anderson & Sheppard, Find out when he started working at the company!



Interview – Joseph Morgan of Chittleborough and Morgan


We interviewed Joseph Morgan who owns half of Chittleborough and Morgan and also is a head cutter at the company, when interviewing him we found that he has a youthful mind and knows about that latest fashion despite how long he has been in the industry.

Joseph Morgan

Joseph Morgan

Gareth Pugh Talk 

I went went to the V&A museum to go for the Gareth Pugh talk for some research and it was absolutely incredible watch him talk about his influences and what got him to where he currently is was so inspiring and to hear what he REALLY felt about this fashion industry was very interesting. Unfortunately I was unable to take for pictures because it would be distracting. Luckily SHOWstudio documented the whole thing!

 Gareth Pugh talks with Lou Stoppard at the V&A

Day 7 Last Interviews- Kathryn Sargent, Meyer & Mortimer

These are the last interviews we had to do for the project it was bitter sweet because it has been a hard couple of weeks but meeting such extraordinary people every day is what we will miss most about the project. First we went to Kathryn Sargent the first woman Head Cutter known to Savile Row! Hear what she had to say about her journey! Kathryn Sargent

Next we interviewed two men that worked at Meyer and Mortimer, Brian, the main head cutter and co owner of Meyer & Mortimer and Norris, an alteration tailor. Brian has such a great personality! When he was being interviewed he didn’t stop telling such great stories of what Savile Row was like when he first started and how he got to where he is today.

Interviewing Brian

Interviewing Brian

Next we interviewed Norris who is an alteration tailor and he was so sweet and kind, one thing about his interview was that when we asked him “what are the tools of your trade” he couldn’t wait to show us! You could tell that he was so excited to show us his tools and that showed his passion and love for the trade that he is in!






All interviews would be up very soon! If you want to see more about the project go to !!

Day 6 Interviews at Anderson & Sheppard, Dashing Tweed and Gareth Crowe (Fabric Dealer)

Yesterday was a day of full interviews! First stop Anderson and Sheppard

Anderson and Shepperd

Anderson and Sheppard

When talking to the workers at Anderson and Sheppard everyone seemed to get along well, it was a very friendly environment but you could sense the competition amongst the workers, however everyone seems to be very loyal to the company’s heritage. The full interview will go up on

BTS at Anderson and Shepperd

BTS at Anderson and Sheppard

Next we went to interview Guy Hills owner and founder of Dashing Tweeds.

Guy Hills and KCC students

Guy Hills and KCC students

Interviewing Guy Hills was refreshing because so far the interviews have been about the history of Savile Row and how it was like being a tailor in Savile Row in the 1960s however Dashing Tweeds started in 2008 and hearing Guy Hills story on how he got into the industry clearly represents the future and where the trade is going as far as technology is concerned. His interview will also be up shortly.

Last but not least for the day we interviewed the very witty and vibrant character Gareth Crowe, now a fabric dealer.

Gareth Crowe

Gareth Crowe

Listening to Gareth Crowe talk about the trade and how the industry was back in the day was very insightful and gave you a glimpse into a world that was and still is in some cases very difficult to get into and hearing his story of different people that he worked with is something that kept us all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear more.

Day 5-Interview with Andrew Ramroop(Maurice Sedwell)

Yesterday we interviewed Andrew Ramroop the first black head cutter on Savile Row who worked for Maurice Sedwell and later bought the company. When interviewing Mr Ramroop I was quickly inspired by his passion and drive for the business that he is in – also his quotes are something that I would remember and keep with me on my journey into the fashion industry.

We also had the opportunity to talk to him about his love for teaching and training future tailors at The Savile Row Academy that he founded.

His interview would be out shortly.

Maurice Sedwell

Maurice Sedwell


Testing the camera and lighting

Testing the camera and lighting




The Savile Row Academy

The Savile Row Academy