Editorial Meeting – Post Screening

We had a post screening before the main screening on June 24th just incase there was any changes that anyone would have liked to make or any interviews that wanted to be added in, there were a few tricks made here and there but all in all it was a beautifully made movie, the editing was fantastic everything was clean cut and created with the best equipment and you can really tell when you watch the movie.IMG_0690

We haven’t seen the final edit but i know we are all excited to see the final outcome.


The few changes that were made is going to make the movie that much more brilliant, I can’t wait for the movie to come out.

CEO of T.M Lewin at SSU Fashion Conference

Geoff Lewin

Geoff Quinn

The CEO of TM Lewin, Geoff Quinn was at the 1st SSU Fashion Conference it was such a pleasure to have him talk about the company and how the business has changed over the years.

TM Lewin is a men’s shirt retailer, it was founded in 1898 when Thomas Mayes Lewin opened his first shop in Jermyn Street, St James’s, London. They began producing shirts and accessories until the founder became one of the first to make the ‘coat-shirt’, a shirt that the wearer put on like a coat, fastening the buttons down the front.

Geoff Quinn mid sentence

Geoff Quinn mid sentence

Geoff Quinn has been working at TM Lewin for 35 years now starting for working in the stock room to pick up the sales of the shop to CEO handling the different store locations around the world, they had just opened their new store on Oxford Street that is 1 MILLION pounds in rent a year compared to there old store which was £280,000.

Towards the end of his speech I was getting ready to ask a question but unfortunately he had to hurry off but what I was going to ask was….

Because he mentioned in his speech that they mainly focus on menswear,

Why has TM Lewin mainly focusing on menswear and not womenswear because we are living in a society where woman are working a lot more, owning there own companies and taking care of themselves financially and pretty much taking over the world with a potential first woman president of the United States, why has TM Lewin fallen in the same way society is going?

Interview – Gareth Crowe

Interviewing Gareth Crowe would be the most laid back interview that we had done, talking to him was like having a conversation with somebody that you’ve know for ages and you love to hear the story of how the world used to be.

Gareth Crowe

Gareth Crowe

Listen to what he had to say about Savile Row in the 70’s

Dashing Tweeds – Guy Hills Interview


Doing this interview with Guys Hills was refreshing because we have been going to interview different tailors that have been in the trade for 30+ years , however Guy Hills had a different experience, he opened his own store in 2008 called Dashing Tweeds, hear about how he started in the audio clip.


Meyer and Mortimer Interviews

We interviewed Brian Lewis who is the co owner of Meyer & Mortimer and Norris who is an alteration tailor.

Interviewing Brian Lewis was an absolute pleasure, the stories that he had where endless and you could truly tell the love and passion that he has for his trade.

BTS interview with Brian Lewis

BTS interview with Brian Lewis

Now we interviewed the man that only goes by one name, Norris, he is an alteration tailor at Meyer and Mortimer and he seemed a little uncomfortable when the interview first began but he then quickly loosened up when the talk started to really turn to his current work and what he is working on today. Take a listen!


Interview with Mickey Sunshine

We had the opportunity to interview Mickey Sunshine who is a personal tailor that rents a table at Henry Poole & Co!

Rebel Of Tailoring – Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen : Savage Beauty

The legendary designer Alexander McQueen dropped out of school aged 16 and managed to find work on Savile Row. McQueen began by working at the tailoring house Anderson and Sheppard, and then moved on to Gieves and Hawkes. ”Alexander McQueen joined here in 1984 or 1985. He didn’t have an introduction I don’t think, he just came in to apply in person. The firm’s policy at the time was to take young people who had not been to college as they were easier to train. Sixteen was a typical age for apprentices joining the firm. It’s fair to say he was very intense in all his conversations with the other tailors and was very passionate about what he was doing”- Anderson and Sheppard employee.

Alexander McQueen decided to move on from Savile Row and pursue a career in fashion design, that we all are familliar with, and his legacy and influence in fashion continues.

The Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A museum showcases some of the best of Mcqueen’s work. Photography is not allowed in the exhibition, but this allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience and really appreciate the greatness right in front of your eyes- All photos where taken from Vogue.com

1-McQueen-Savage-Beauty-16Mar15-Victoria-and-Albert_1080x720 3-McQueen-Savage-Beauty-16Mar15-Victoria-and-Albert_1080x720 4-McQueen-Savage-Beauty-16Mar15-Victoria-and-Albert_1080x720 5-McQueen-Savage-Beauty-16Mar15-Victoria-and-Albert_1080x720 6-McQueen-Savage-Beauty-16Mar15-Victoria-and-Albert_1080x720 9-McQueen-Savage-Beauty-16Mar15-Victoria-and-Albert_1080x720

Alexander McQueen’s company decided to go back to Mcqueen’s tailoring roots, and opened up the Alexander McQueen bespoke tailoring house in 2012 on 9 Savile Row where suits are made with the highest levels of care and precision, but in the rebellious Mcqueen style that we are all familliar with.

Alexander McQueen 9 Savile Row

Alexander McQueen 9 Savile Row

More Interviews!!! – Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is a self made tailor at Savile Row who is in partnership with Brian Lishak, however he was apprentice at Huntsmans tailor house which is were he gained his skills. Listen to what he had to say about his experience.


Brian Lishak also was an apprentice and Huntsman man before partnering with Richard Anderson, he was an apprentice shirt maker and is now a salesman.


Interview – Anderson & Sheppard

We interviewed four workers at Anderson & Sheppard, the first is Leon Powell who is a cutter at Anderson & Sheppard who is a very professional and loyal to his company. He had some very interesting things to say, it’s a definite MUST listen!!!

When meeting him he was incredibly passionate about the trade that he is in and you can most certainly hear that in the interview.


We also interviewed Rosemary Bolger who is a waistcoat maker at Anderson & Sheppard who has a interesting start to the industry! Take a listen!


Our third interview was with Derrick Tomlinson who is a coat maker and the job happens to run in the family.


Last but not least was the fourth interview that we did with Michael Arter who is a trouser maker at Anderson & Sheppard, Find out when he started working at the company!


Interview – Joseph Morgan of Chittleborough and Morgan


We interviewed Joseph Morgan who owns half of Chittleborough and Morgan and also is a head cutter at the company, when interviewing him we found that he has a youthful mind and knows about that latest fashion despite how long he has been in the industry.

Joseph Morgan

Joseph Morgan