CEO of T.M Lewin at SSU Fashion Conference

Geoff Lewin

Geoff Quinn

The CEO of TM Lewin, Geoff Quinn was at the 1st SSU Fashion Conference it was such a pleasure to have him talk about the company and how the business has changed over the years.

TM Lewin is a men’s shirt retailer, it was founded in 1898 when Thomas Mayes Lewin opened his first shop in Jermyn Street, St James’s, London. They began producing shirts and accessories until the founder became one of the first to make the ‘coat-shirt’, a shirt that the wearer put on like a coat, fastening the buttons down the front.

Geoff Quinn mid sentence

Geoff Quinn mid sentence

Geoff Quinn has been working at TM Lewin for 35 years now starting for working in the stock room to pick up the sales of the shop to CEO handling the different store locations around the world, they had just opened their new store on Oxford Street that is 1 MILLION pounds in rent a year compared to there old store which was £280,000.

Towards the end of his speech I was getting ready to ask a question but unfortunately he had to hurry off but what I was going to ask was….

Because he mentioned in his speech that they mainly focus on menswear,

Why has TM Lewin mainly focusing on menswear and not womenswear because we are living in a society where woman are working a lot more, owning there own companies and taking care of themselves financially and pretty much taking over the world with a potential first woman president of the United States, why has TM Lewin fallen in the same way society is going?